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Inspiration Kidspiration in the Classroom: Reading Essentials

The Thinking Classroom: Using Inspiration® to Meet Curriculum Standards is designed to support teachers as they help students develop their critical thinking strategies. Each of the book's six sections includes an overview of a key cognitive strategy and its application in the major curriculum areas of language arts, science and social studies.

This innovative teacher resource book takes a new approach by offering in-depth explanations of visual learning's role in mastering fundamental thinking skills:

  • Determining cause and effect
  • Making comparison
  • Decoding ideas
  • Generating questions
  • Evaluating information
  • Testing one's knowledge

Each of the six sections of the book provides teachers with a summary of a specific cognitive strategy, examples of templates and diagrams that students can use to apply the strategy to a wide-range of topics, and finally a sample lesson of the thinking skill in language arts, social studies and science. Lesson plans for each subject area provide all the information teachers need to model a thinking skill and help their students practice the strategy.


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