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Product ID: 1649544 | Mfg Part #: F9D31AA

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Get easy Ethernet connectivity and a pass through to charge your HP ElitePad 900 or 1000 G2 Tablet with the HP ElitePad Power/Ethernet Adapter.


Expand what you can do with a suite of accessories designed specifically for the HP ElitePad 900 and 1000 G2 and turn a true business tablet into a total business solution.

For Ethernet connectivity, simply connect one end of the adapter to the HP ElitePad 900 or 1000 G2, and on the other end, connect an Ethernet cable (sold separately) to the RJ-45 port.

To charge your HP ElitePad while it's connected to the Ethernet, just plug its AC adapter's 70-pin male connector to the female connector on the adapter.

Use the adapter to enable Ethernet cabling of the HP ElitePad in student workspaces, and in SMB and enterprise environments.

Take the adapter with you for easy connectivity. When you're ready to go, disconnect it and toss it in your bag with your tablet.

HP ElitePad 900 or 1000 G2 Tablet