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This product is sourced from the open market in the best available condition. The Broadcom 57800S Quad-Port SFP+ (2x10GbE + 2x1GbE) Converged NDC from Dell integrates seamlessly with your Dell PowerEdge servers to help improve efficiency and bring the speed of full line-rate network performance to your server room. Enjoy optimized bandwidth allocation with Broadcom's switch-independent NIC partitioning (NPAR). This feature enables segmentation and reallocation of 10GbE ports according to bandwidth and resource needs. It helps to improve performance and productivity by eliminating network bottlenecks in workload-intensive computing environments or connection-dense virtual machine environments. The multiport design of Broadcom adapters enables the isolation of traffic for different virtual machines or applications by routing them through different ports.

Additionally Broadcom 10GbE adapters leverage stateless offload such as TCP/IP checksum, TCP segmentation offload (TSO), receive side scaling (RSS), large send offload (LSO) and others to help provide maximum flexibility and optimized performance. This adapter easily integrates into Dell's iDRAC7 and Lifecycle Control embedded management framework. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.