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Product ID: 1639625 | Mfg Part #: PSA1UH1E-12

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Portsmith's daptaPort 12v Host adapter enables network access, file sharing, printing, and more through existing USB device connections for use with handheld Mobile Terminals and Mobile Computers using USB. Many mobile computers need a PC to enable networking capabilities. The PSA1UH1E replaces the need for a PC and allows virtually any Windows CE or Windows Mobile based computer to get internet and networking access. The PSAK1UH1E-12 will take it's 12v input power, and then will also pass through 12v power at 2.5 Amps to the mobile computer connected to it. Allowing cradles, battery chargers and mobile computers to charge on the same power supply. The PSAK1UH1E-5 will step down the 12v input power and output 5v at 2.5 Amp for use. With the ability to set network names, static IP information, and update its firmware over the network, the PSAK1UH1E is easy to configure.