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24IN LED 1920X1200 1000:1

Less-trouble Soft Proofing Makes Monitor to Printing More Efficient

Color proofing does not have to be a beast of a job. BenQ tests its monitors against standard printing color charts and real printing house results to explore which aspects of coloration are the most challenging - including tones with low Delta E values. Among professional color monitors, BenQ PG series monitors stand out for their color accuracy and reproduction, with Delta E lower than two.

Certified Print-Quality Display

BenQ PG series monitors are Printing-Industry Color Certified by IDEAlliance (GRACoL Coated #1 Certified Monitor), Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association (FOGRA Softproof Monitor PreCert), that improve design and proofing efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. On-screen images have never been so true to the final printed image. Finally, a monitor series that is print-perfect.