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Inventor Professional  3 Year License (Instruction and Installation Support)

Inventor Professional

Inventor Professional 3D CAD software offers an easy-to-use set of tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation. Digital Prototyping with Inventor helps you design and validate your products before they are built to deliver better products, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.

Top Features

Engineering design productivity

  • Freeform modeling shape creation: Model organic shapes and incorporate freeform and parametric workflows into a single model. These tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create freeform shaped models using direct manipulation. Start with a freeform shape that best represents the desired geometry (box, sphere, cylinder, torus, or quadball). Then use the freeform edit tools to adjust the shape.

  • Large assembly design (enhanced) NEW: Speed the creation, management, and documentation of large complex assembly designs. Inventor combines design accelerators with assembly tools, so you can be sure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly.

  • Sketch constraint control (enhanced): Get your sketches in shape faster and more easily with new constraint tools and settings. With the new Relax Mode you can modify geometries that are already constrained. You gain greater control over constraints with improved display, inference, and delete options. Sketch constraints-related settings have also been reorganized into a single Constraint Settings command.

  • Customizable Inventor Home NEW: Customize the new Inventor Home to easily access common tasks.

  • Tutorial learning and search NEW: Interactive tutorials teach the basics of sketches and parts, assemblies, and drawings. Tutorials enable new users to experience a complete workflow from beginning to end and track their learning progress.

  • Sheet metal design: Simplify sheet metal design and complex mechanical part design, and improve your productivity with Digital Prototyping.

  • Assembly design and ease of assembly: Control data for large assembly designs, so you can work on the components for just part of the design. Define position and describe part motion in one step. Inventor combines design accelerators with assembly tools, so you can be sure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly.

  • Layout and system design:Dynamic sketch blocks enable you to evaluate concepts and convert sketches into a fully constrained 3D assembly model to form a 3D digital prototype.

  • Plastic part design: Get maximum flexibility by combining native Inventor geometry with exterior surface models designed with Alias industrial design software. The relationship between Alias and Inventor can reduce time to market, enabling engineers to start detailed designs earlier and mechanical engineers to easily incorporate changes from the industrial design team.

  • Rules-based design: Accelerate mechanical engineering design and enable engineers to focus on design intent with rules-based design and automation tools.

  • Harness and cable design: Incorporate cable and harness runs into your 3D digital prototype to calculate accurate path lengths and avoid small-radius bends. The digital prototype helps ensure that electrical components fit into the mechanical assembly before manufacturing.

  • Tube and pipe design: Use rules-based routing tools that select the correct fittings and help ensure that pipe runs comply with standards.

  • Flexible sketching tools: Change the 3D sketch of part and menu ribbon.

  • Customize Inventor with apps: Choose from more than 100 available apps to help extend your design. These companion apps help design professionals find solutions to some of the most pressing design challenges. Discover and download apps that help you get your job done faster with Autodesk Exchange Apps.

  • Tooling and mold design: Automate key aspects of injection mold design for plastic parts. Quickly create and validate complete mold designs, reducing errors and improving mold performance.

CAD file conversion & compatibility

  • Edit geometry directly NEW: Parametrically move, size, rotate, and delete imported solid models or native Inventor files.

  • BIM compatibility: Inventor includes tools designed specifically for mechanical engineers and fabricators who work with architects, builders, and contractors.

  • CAD file conversion and data exchange: Inventor offers CAD translation tools, including native translators that read and write files from other CAD applications.

  • AutoCAD integration and DWG compatibility: Directly read and write the true DWG™ file format. With AutoCAD DWG conversion you can share critical design data with partners and customers.

  • Extend value with Maintenance Subscription: Add Maintenance Subscription to any Inventor software license and benefit from more enhancements for Inventor.

CAD rendering & design documentation

  • Manufacturing and design documentation: Generate engineering and manufacturing design documentation from digital prototypes to help reduce errors and deliver designs in less time.

  • Data management: Included Vault data management software helps workgroups manage and track design components of a digital prototype.

  • CAD rendering and visualization tools: Clear visuals make it easier for stakeholders and customers who don't have engineering experience to understand engineering drawings and designs.

Integrated CAD simulation

  • Integrated motion simulation: Use motion simulation software—not intuition—to enhance your design decisions.

  • Ease of use: Inventor simulation Optimize and validate product performance before the product is built.

  • Integrated finite element analysis: Increase the accuracy and reliability of your design stress analysis.

  • Sustainable design: Eco Materials Adviser enables mechanical designers to optimize material selection based on environmental impact and cost while considering performance.

System requirements for Autodesk Inventor 2015 products

Operating System:

Recommended: 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Minimum: 32-bit Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1)

CPU Type:

Recommended: Intel® Xeon® E3 or Core i7 or equivalent, 3.0 GHz or greater

Minimum: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64, 3 GHz or faster or Intel® or AMD dual core 2 GHz or faster


Recommended: 12 GB RAM

Minimum: 8 GB RAM for less than 500 part assemblies


Recommended: Microsoft® Direct3D 11® or capable graphics card or higher

Minimum: Microsoft® Direct3D 10® capable graphics card or higher

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