Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price)

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  • Student
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  • Organization
  • Government
  • Music Instructor
  • Correctional
  • Military Service Person
  • Non-Academic (General Public)

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Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Full time Hi-Ed Yes 1
Part time Hi-Ed Yes 1
K-12 Yes 1
Preschool No  
Homeschool Yes 1
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Hi-Ed Yes 1
K-12 Yes 1
Preschool No  
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Hi-Ed Yes 1
K-12 Yes 1
Preschool No  
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Hi-Ed No  
K-12 No  
Preschool No  
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Non-Profit No  
Museum No  
Library No  
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Government No  
Music Instructor
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Music Instructor No  
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
Correctional No  
Military Service Person
Type Eligible? Qty Limit
US Air Force No  
US Army No  
US Coast Guard No  
US Navy No  

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Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price)

Every creative tool. One affordable membership.

Whether finishing course work or preparing to enter the workforce, students need to have the best tools at the lowest prices. An Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition membership gives you just that. At the academically discounted price of only $19.99, you receive all the latest tools for creating stunning posters, websites, apps, presentations, and much more.


Alvin Rushing

May 7, 2013 - Art

Out of all of my years of drawing. I must say this is the best I ever used. I would recommend this to anyone.

Steve Gordon

November 19, 2013 - This is an incredible deal!

I have been a subscriber since they introduced it. I as attending an online school and I needed one particular application that I didn't have. It was either spend almost $400 (which was rough for me at the time) for the application or switch to Creative Cloud for $29.99 a month for the student edition, so I went for CC.

I have been thrilled with having all of the Creative Suite apps available to me. I'm co-owner of a graphic design business and we do a wide range of projects, so occasionally I need to use an app that I don't use on a regular basis. Having all of them installed on my computer and having them all up-to-date is wonderful.

However, I also wish that there was an option to keep the apps if at some point I decide that I no longer need to continue my subscription. Maybe if you complete a whole year of subscribing and then discontinue, you would have to drop back to a previous version but you would retain access to them.

I don't know how they could structure such a thing, but I do worry that if I ever have to stop subscribing I will have to go back to using my hard copy of Creative Suite 4. That means that I will no longer be able to open any of the files that I created with the later versions.

For now though, I love Creative Cloud! It's affordable for me, it's always up to date, and I always have the apps I need available to me. I guess I'll worry about the future later.

Steve Gordon

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