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Product ID: 1638262 | Mfg Part #: F239-AW

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Deliver Content to a Wide Range of Devices

This single box streams HD content through standard protocols. Live streaming and video broadcasting is delivered to a wide range of client devices, including computers, IP-STBs, kiosks, digital signage, and more. The AVerCaster HD Duet Plus is easily deployed into existing network environments with no extra cost or effort. With H.264 compression, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus delivers both high video quality and efficient bandwidth usage.

Excellent Scalability and Cost Savings

High compatibility and streaming quality, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus is a cost-effective solution for internal or external live event broadcasting over an Internet connection. Easy to use with a range of broadcasting scalability, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus is ideal for both small and medium sized schools.

Back Up Your Files

The portable server can stream two HD video broadcasts simultaneously or stream to one video output while storing content to a network-mapped drive. Save content in the same format as either the input source or a streaming format.