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14" FHD Intel i7 7500U 2.7GHz


Business Class Reimagined

The B9440 provides the enviable ultra-lightness, durable robustness, and larger display necessary to remain on top of business anytime and anywhere in the world. Professionally designed in every aspect, this extremely light 14" business laptop is armed with military grade reliability plus the ingenious 14" full HD display on a smaller 13" chassis. Even the iconic angular edges of the B9440 embody the purpose-driven spirit of a serious business laptop. Now that's the smarter way for your business anytime and anywhere globally.

Extremely Light At 2.31 lb

Ultra-light means ultra-mobility

It is an ultra-light 14" at only 2.31 lb making each business trip a breeze and besides, that means you can even have more room to pack other important necessities for your trip too.

Robust Military Grade Reliability

Heavy duty robustness, even during travel

Heavy duty robustness for a business notebook is critical and that is why the enterprise durable B9440 is built with a tough all-metal chassis crafted from Magnesium alloy. It is MIL-STD 810G graded and has also passed the stringent reliability standards of ASUS to ensure the dependable operation for the B9440 in any environment.

Tested For Your Peace-Of-Mind

Durability & reliability you can trust

Demanding MIL-STD 810G grading for durability and extensive ASUS tests include:

Drop Test from over

2 Times

that of standard models

Panel Pressure Test withstands

20% Higher Endurance

over standard models

Hinge Test of


open/close cycles

Keyboard Durability Test with

Force & Typing Speed

for highest robustness

Long-Lasting Battery Life Of 10 Hours

Uninterrupted performance when you need it

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of battery when you must attend to an important piece of work. Well, not anymore as you have more than 10 hours of battery life in the B9440.

Larger 14" Display On A 13" Chassis

Narrower 0.21in bezel means a larger display

Larger 14" display allows for a pleasant viewing every time especially when you are traveling. The ultra-narrow bezel of 0.21in wide also means the advantage of a wide 14" screen but with an overall size of a laptop which is smaller than conventional 13" laptops, making it more convenient to use, carry and pack too.

Full HD Anti-Glare Display

Ultra-rich images & less tiring for the eyes

Enjoy full HD resolution from a wide 178-degree viewing angle with the anti-glare matte display which protects the eyes.

7-degree Optimum Typing Position

Maximum comfort for your wrists, body & neck

The unique hinge structure of the B9440 acts like a special support allowing the keyboard to be tilted at a 7-degree angle to provide the most comfortable typing position. Say goodbye to aching wrists, body and neck from long hours of typing.

Ergonomic Keyboard Design

Unsurpassed typing experience

The full-size 19.05mm key pitch offers the most comfortable typing distance between each finger. Not forgetting the 0.15mm dish key which caresses each fingertip plus the responsive and accurate typing provided by the 1.5mm key travel.